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(4/28/2022) by Craig Cook
On May 7 and 8 we will be holding the annual Nueces 4H Trap and Skeet Club “Whiz-Bang” shoot. In a typical year over 200 young shooters come to shoot trap, skeet, sporting clays, super sporting and “whiz-bang” (five stand with a different format). Their parents and adults have the option to join them and shoot sporting clays on Saturday and super sporting on Sunday.
We will close all shotgun fields and sporting clays for prep for this annual event starting Friday May 6 through close of the event on Sunday May 8.
(4/26/2022) by Craig Cook


CCGC Board Meeting April 27, 2022                                                                                                               

Call to Order

Review / Corrections / Approval of Minutes 

Recognize Guests / Members Present 

Financial Report 

Manager’s Report 

Secretary’s Report:  ratify email decision on approval of trenching costs, deferring parking lot expansion 

Committee Report:  standing committees

  • Election Committee – currently idle
  • Shotgun and Sporting Clays Committee
  • Long Term Planning Committee
  • Building Committee
  • Bylaws Committee – currently idle
  • Hours of Operation Committee
  • 5-Stand Committee

Old Business: 

Roger Strickland: opening on Fridays

Scott Newton: construction updates

 New Business:

  • Roger Strickland: maintenance on sporting clays stands 

Executive Session

(3/23/2022) by Craig Cook


CCGC Board Meeting March 30, 2022                                                                                               

Call to Order

 Review / Corrections / Approval of Minutes

 Recognize Guests / Members Present

 Financial Report

Manager’s Report

 Secretary’s Report

 Committee Report:  standing committees

  • Election Committee – currently idle
  • Shotgun and Sporting Clays Committee
  • Long Term Planning Committee
  • Building Committee
  • Bylaws Committee – currently idle
  • Hours of Operation Committee – currently idle
  • 5-Stand Committee

Old Business  

  • Dennis Bosley: gate opening time
  • Dennis Bosley: Steel Challenge
  • Dennis Bosley: shotgun safety / instructors
  • Roger Strickland: morning start
  • Roger Strickland: Thursday night
  • Roger Strickland: Friday’s
  • Scott Newton: general construction update / future parking lot expansion

 New Business

  • Jeff Mills: youth shooting group
(3/15/2022) by Craig Cook

For current hours go to:

We have slightly different office and shotgun venue hours during the spring and summer.

(2/24/2022) by Craig Cook

Effective as of 2-23-2022

The following changes have been made to the prices of tokens and sporting cart rentals.  The cost of clay targets from our supplier has had four price increases since our last increase in 2018.

Cart rental prices  
Members- everyday use $18.00 + sales tax
Non-members– everyday use $25.00 + sales tax
Registered and 4H shoots $30.00 (3 hr. limit) limited to first 12 carts, otherwise at market rates for extra carts
Corporate/fundraiser shoots See manager or assistant manager

Token cost for skeet/trap/five stand:

CCGC member $6.50+ sales tax
Guest of CCGC member/associate $8.00+ sales tax
Non-member $11.00+ sales tax
4-H $6.00

Sporting Clays cost per target:

Member and guest (in their presence) $0.35+ sales tax
Corporate/fundraiser $0.40+ sales tax
Non-member $0.50+ sales tax
(12/25/2021) by Craig Cook

Merry Christmas to all our members, their families and our friends that come to shoot at the club.  Have a Merry and safe Christmas!

The clubhouse and shotgun fields will reopen Sunday 12-26 at 9:00 am.

Merry Christmas to all!

(12/5/2021) by Craig Cook

December Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 13th at 6:30 pm.  When an agenda is available we will post same.

(11/23/2021) by Craig Cook

Happy Thanksgiving to all our members, their families and our friends who come to CCGC to shoot at our matches, events and shoots.

The clubhouse, shotgun fields and sporting clays will be closed on Thursday for Thanksgiving.  We will reopen Saturday morning at 9:00 am.

Happy Thanksgiving!



(11/18/2021) by Craig Cook

Nueces County 4H Trap and Skeet club is having a meeting for new members on January 25 at 5:30 pm.  for more detailed information follow this link:

(11/4/2021) by Craig Cook

As of this posting the following dates have been set for registered skeet, sporting clay, trap shoots and the Nueces County 4H Shotgun events.  Mark your calendars!  Details and flyers will be added to the club calendar when available.

NSSA skeet:

“Get’er Started” Jan 21-23, 2022, 500 registered targets

“Corpus Christi Open” July 29-31, 2022, 500 registered targets

Zone VI, Ishoots Championship, August 12-14, 2022, 500 registered targets

 NSCA Sporting clays:

“Holiday Cure” Saturday, January 8, 2022, Targets set by Adam Blair

“Clays by the Bay” Saturday, March 19, 2022

“Beach’n Clays” Sunday, July 3, 2022

“Tropical Challenge” Saturday, August 20, 2022

ATA trap:

“Southwest Grand Warmup” March 25-27, 2022, 600 ATA targets

“9th Annual Ken Tuggle Memorial Tropical Challenge”, November 4-6, 2022, 600 ATA targets

Nueces County 4H Skeet and Trap Club:

1st Annual Novice shoot, March 19, 2022

Annual Nueces County Whiz-Bang May 7 and 8, 2022

Corporate & fundraiser sporting clay shoots.

2022 Events: The following are dates that have been set (however there could be a couple changes in the dates):

  • 1/29/22-London Baseball Booster- 4th. Annual Sporting Clay
  • 2/26/22-St James School- 2nd Annual Sporting Clay Fundraiser
  • 3/4/22 -API –Sporting Clay Fundraiser
  • 4/2/22-Sinton Mason’s Lodge – Fundraiser
  • 4/16/22- VT-35 Private event
  • 4/20/22- Texas Grain and Feed Assoc. (private SC event)
  • 4/29/22-American Cancer Society
  • 5/13/22-Navy Army (private SC 60 shooters)
  • 5/20/22- Bay Area Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse
  • 6/25/22-TAPT (private corporate event)
  • 8/6/22- Nueces County Republican Party
  • 9/3/22-Mission of Mercy- Annual Sporting Clay Fundraiser
  • 9/10/22-ABC annual sporting clay fundraiser
  • 9/17/22- AGC Sporting Clay shoot
  • 9/23/22- NACE, Corpus Christi (private corporate event)
  • 10/12/22- Gulf Coast Federal Credit Union (private SC 48 Shooters)
  • 10/14/22-API –Sporting Clay Fundraiser
  • 10/21/22- SPAW GLASS sporting clay fundraiser
  • 11/12/22-Communities in Schools- AIM for Education
  • 12/9/22- Chamber of Commerce-One in the Chamber

The following have reservations that have not yet set a date for 2022:

Fish for Life,  Islanders  Skeet and Trap and SGMPA