Shotgun Events & Activities


Proper protocol and etiquette for field usage  

When arriving to shoot it is proper to go to an unused field if one is available first, please do not go to a field already occupied if an unused field is available.  If all fields are being used choose the one with the fewest shooters first, do not interrupt the squad if in middle of a round, when they finish ask if you can join them if they have fewer than 5 shooters (max limit for a squad is 5).  If they prefer not to shoot with you or your group then they must share the field with you by allowing you to shoot the next round then when you finish and come off the field, they shoot the following round, thus alternating rounds. 

The only situations and times this does not apply is during competitions when the fields are reserved for only the competitors, when a certified instructor who has made prior arrangements to reserve a field, and during 4H season (January to end of July) the 4H club has first priority on all skeet/trap/five stand on Tuesday evenings (and only Tuesdays) starting at 5:30 until close.

2024 NSSA Skeet Shoot Events

We throw 100% White Flyer targets through Beomat machines.

2024 NCSA-TCSA Sporting Clay Events

Our 16 station course has the ability to run both regular sporting with 2 machines per station and super sporting with up to 4 machines per station.  On a daily basis we set up 3 machines per station.  We throw 100% White Flyer targets through Promatic machines.  The course was designed to represent the wide open Texas coastal plains of open grass plains with the occasional tree “Mott”, gently sloping topography, natural drainage/ ravines and a pond. The club has a mobile tower with two machines.  The course has a raised all weather cart path, three raised shooting stations (the highest elevates the eyes about 12 ft above grade) and all stations provide sturdy footing with wood floors.  Our wide open course is a target setters dream.



2024 “Holiday Cure”

January 7, 2024


2024 “Clays by the Bay”

March 16, 2024


2024 “Beach’n Clays”

July 7, 2024


2024 “Tropical Challenge “

August 18, 2024


Buc Days Clays


 February 24-25, 2024

Nueces County 4H Trap and Skeet Club

2nd Annual Novice shoot

 Saturday, March 2, 2024

Nueces County 4H Trap and Skeet Club

Annual Whiz-Bang shoot

Saturday and Sunday, May 4-5, 2024


Sporting Clays – Corporate and Fundraiser Events

Go to events page for link to flyers and more info

The Corpus Christi Gun Club sporting clay course was designed to represent the wide open Texas coastal plains of open grass plains with the occasional tree “Mott”, gently sloping topography, natural drainage/ ravines and a pond.  The target presentations on the 16 station course will vary in speed from slow to the occasional rocket; they will vary from up close flushing quail, flushing prairie chickens (think big slow and do not fly far), to longer crossing doves, landing ducks, bull frogs (that short slow hop from a green target),  jumping ducks, driven birds (think incoming pheasants), crows, the wily rabbit or a rabbit thrown in the air as the dreaded “rabbue”.  Targets could consist of standard size, a midi target, a battue (very thin), or rabbits. For colors CCGC mixes all black, orange dome, orange top, all orange and green tops as needed.  The club also has a mobile tower with two machines.  The course has a raised all weather cart path, three raised shooting stations and all stations provide sturdy footing with wood floored stations.  The Promatic machines used by CCGC have the most adjustability in the industry allowing for some very fun,  interesting and challenging target presentations limited only by imagination and our wide open course is a target setters dream.  The presentations will be a mix of both true pairs and report pairs.  For corporate and fundraiser events our target setter’s goal is to have shooters walk away thinking “I could have gotten all of those targets”.


Sporting Clays – link to training video for referees: 


 The following 2024 dates have been set for registered skeet, sporting clay, trap shoots and the Nueces County 4H Shotgun events.  Mark your calendars!  Details and flyers will be added to the club calendar when available.

NSSA skeet:

“Get’er Started” Jan 19-21, 2024, 500 registered targets

“Corpus Christi Open” July 26-28, 2024, 500 registered targets

Zone VI, IShoots Championship, August 9-11, 2024, 500 registered targets


NSCA Sporting clays:

“Holiday Cure” Sunday, January 7, 2024, targets set by Craig Cook

“Clays by the Bay” Saturday, March 16, 2024, targets set by Adam Blair

“Beach’N Clays” Sunday, July 7, 2024, Targets set by Dan Carlisle

“Tropical Challenge” Sunday, August 18, 2024, targets set by Craig Cook


ATA trap:

“11th Annual Memorial Tropical Trap Shoot”, December 13-15, 2024, 600 ATA targets

BUC DAYS CLAYS 4H SHOOT, February 24-25 

Nueces County 4H Skeet and Trap Club:

2nd Annual Novice shoot, March 2, 2024

  • Annual Nueces County Whiz-Bang May 4 and 5, 2024


Corporate & fundraiser sporting clay shoots.

2024 Events: The following are dates that have been set (however there could be a couple changes in the dates, keep an eye on our website calendar:


  • 1/27-London Baseball Booster- 4th. Annual Sporting Clay
  • 2/16-AEP- private clay target event
  • 3/1-API –Sporting Clay Fundraiser
  • 3/23- American Heart Association sporting clay fundraiser
  • 4/5- SPAW GLASS sporting clay fundraiser
  • 4/6-Sinton Mason’s Lodge – Fundraiser
  • 4/10-Navy Army (private SC)
  • 4/27- Communities in Schools
  • 5/10- Bay Area Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse
  • 5/11- Arlington Heights Christian School Sporting Clay fundraiser
  • 5/17-American Cancer Society
  • 6/15- AGC Sporting Clay shoot
  • 6/22- TAPT private sporting clays
  • 8/2- Nueces County Republican Party
  • 8/23- Portland Chamber of Commerce-One in the Chamber
  • 8/31-Mission of Mercy- Annual Sporting Clay Fundraiser
  • 9/14- ABC annual sporting clay fundraiser
  • 9/16- Coastal Bend Home Builders
  • 9/20- NACE, Corpus Christi (private corporate event)
  • 10/9 – Gulf Coast Federal Credit Union (private event)
  • 10/11 – API –Sporting Clay Fundraiser
  • 12/7– Calallen FFA



Contact us or call 852-1212 ask for Craig or Theresa for more information on our fundraisers and corporate events.  Also see the calendar/events page for other events and shoots.

2020-21 ATA-TTA Registered Trap Shoots

We throw 100% White Flyer targets through Pat-Trap machines.



Trap Minimums Marathons

Sundays starting at 9:15 am and last as long as there are at least 3 shooters willing to shoot 50 or 100 targets of singles, doubles or handicap targets.  Stop and check in at clubhouse to register and pay fees.

dates to be determined for 2023

Summer Trap Shoot

June 2-4, 2023 cancelled

10th Annual Memorial Tropical Trap Shoot

December 8-10, 2023

 Shotgun Instructors:


NSSA Level IV, John Shima, 210-383-6554

NSSA Level III, Carter Wehrheim  210-386-3755

NSSA Level I, Craig Cook, 361-852-1212

NSSA Level I, Jeff Hyde, 361-688-9920 


Sporting Clays:

NSCA Level I, Craig Cook, 361-852-1212

NSCA Level I, Jeff Hyde, 361-688-9920

NSCA Level I, Scott Newton, 361-815-1903

NSCA Level I, Joe Sneed 361-207-2278

Skeet, Trap, and Five Stand cost per round
Members: $6.50
Guests: $8.00
Non-members: $11.00

Winter Texan:
$8.00 (with out of state ID)
$25 per month, $6.50 per round

Sporting Clays:
Members: $.35 per target
Non-members: $.50 per target

Sporting Clay course rules

The attached is the current set of rules that govern the use of the club’s sporting clay course.


This agreement must be completed, signed and dropped off at the CCGC clubhouse prior to using a personal cart (golf cart, sporting clay’s buggy, gator etc) in order to be issued a permit which must be displayed. There is no cost associated with the permit.

Additional Info

If you want to shoot your shotgun with anything other than slugs or buckshot in bays 6-9 you will need to bring your own target stands.

The rules do not allow for the use of bird shot being fired at the clubs target backer boards in any bay or range.

If you want to pattern your shotgun we have a pattern board next to shotgun field one.   We now have target stands with backers for rent at the club house.