Corpus Christi Gun Club


Welcome to the Corpus Christi Gun Club

The Corpus Christi Gun Club is a member directed, professionally managed facility, which has been the premier shooting complex for Corpus Christi and the surrounding communities since 1938. The 188 acre facility is totally dedicated to the shooting sports, encompassing skeet, trap, five stand, sporting clays (16 station/45 acres), pistol, and rifle.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, young or once young, The Gun Club promotes and supports a shooting activity you can enjoy. Home of CC Steel Challenge, Nueces County 4-H Trap and Skeet, as well as Amateur Trap Assoc., National Sporting Clay Assoc. and National Skeet Shooting Assoc. registered shoots.

Our clubhouse and classroom facilities allow instructional programs for state mandated hunter education classes and license to carry handgun classes. We have a rifle range with 50, 100 and 200 yard target backers with 16 benches. We have a 25 yard range with 4 individual benches and a 50 yard range with 4 individual benches for pistols or rifles (no shotguns).  We have five pistol caliber and 22LR only bays (#1 through 5) with the option to move and shoot, a 25 stall covered pistol bay with target retrieval system (1-15 yards).   We have 7 multi-use/match bays (#6-12) that range from 30 yards out to 100 yards with most averaging about 40-45 yards.  These bays are available to members whenever there is not a match (on average available 6 1/2 days a week, most matches are on Sundays).  These individual bays (6-12) have the option for members and guest to shoot and move as long as targets are placed such that all bullets impact a berm. In all we have 61 individual spots for someone to shoot a pistol or rifle.  We have 5 skeet fields each with a trap overlay and a five stand. On a typical day two are set up for trap and 3 set up for skeet.


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