Corpus Christi Gun Club


Welcome to the Corpus Christi Gun Club

The Corpus Christi Gun Club is a member directed, professionally managed facility, which has been the premier shooting complex for Corpus Christi and the surrounding communities since 1938. The 188 acre facility is totally dedicated to the shooting sports, encompassing skeet, trap, five stand, sporting clays (16 station/45 acres), pistol, and rifle.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, young or once young, The Gun Club promotes and supports a shooting activity you can enjoy. Home of CC Steel Challenge, Nueces County 4-H Trap and Skeet, as well as Amateur Trap Assoc., National Sporting Clay Assoc. and National Skeet Shooting Assoc. registered shoots.

Our clubhouse and classroom facilities allow instructional programs for state mandated hunter education classes and license to carry handgun classes. We have a rifle range with 50, 100 and 200 yard target backers with 16 benches. We have five pistol caliber and 22LR only bays (#1 through 5), a 25 stall covered pistol bay with target retrieval system (1-15 yards) and 11 multi-use bays (#6-16) that range from 30 yards out to 100 yards with most averaging about 40-45 yards. We have 5 skeet fields each with a trap overlay and a five stand. On a typical day there two set up for trap and 3 set up for skeet.


 We have a contractor that will be starting work on Monday Feb 25 for several projects here at the club.

The projects to be worked on include

  • the drainage and removal of debris in the area of the skeet fields. This will generate material (soil) that we can use to address drainage and berms in other areas as well as much improved drainage on the western end of the skeet and trap fields.
  • berm work in the pistol/rifle areas in the area bays 6-9
  • increasing height of back berm used by covered pistol house and bay 5.
  • reworking roads to back of club
  • road work and drainage work in rifle range
  • road work in area of bays 12-16, and rework parking lot
  • berm work in and near bay 1

Construction project update (3-8-19):
The new road to the back (bays 10-16) is usable. Please be careful and drive slow as you go through the rifle range and then make the corner at bay 16. We are not finished in that area so it will close again sometime next week or so for a few days. Bays 8 and 9 are closed. There are signs at bay 7 that state “Stop, do not pass this point“. Obey the warning. We may at times have to ask shooters to move or stop shooting.  Starting Monday 3/11 bays 6 & 7 will also be closed.

Shotgun fields are back to normal use as of 1:00 pm Friday (3-8-19); with the catch that the contractor can only move their large equipment by traversing the outfield of the skeet/trap fields. So if you see equipment downrange CEASE FIRE until it has cleared the area.

Rifle and pistol bays will also have closures as needed to facilitate the construction work.   Please be patient and flexible until the work in finished as the contractors and members safety is of great importance to all.  There may be times when there is more than one area that is closed over the next couple weeks. Thank you

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