CCGC Board Meeting August 24, 2022                                                                                                               

Call to Order 

Review / Corrections / Approval of Minutes 

Recognize Guests / Members Present 

Financial Report 

Manager’s Report

Secretary’s Report:  directors’ absence / resignation 

Committee Report:  standing committees

  • Election Committee
  • Shotgun and Sporting Clays Committee
  • Long Term Planning Committee
  • Building Committee
  • Bylaws Committee – currently idle
  • Hours of Operation Committee – currently idle
  • 5-Stand Committee

Old Business:  

  • Roger Strickland: updates on the following.

First Aid training cpr

Fork left training

Fire extinguisher program and inspections

First aid kits. Check and inspection

Fuel storage

Proper labeling of fuel cans

Cart barn know hazards

Hazardous Materials sheets updated

Proper labeling and disposal of used oils

Making sure employees wear the right PPE as required by our members

House cleaning in the cart barn

Hiring of assistant manager 

New Business:

  • Scott Newton: vote on director absence, address director resignation
  • Roger Strickland: Fuel tank
  • Roger Strickland: Diesel golf cart
  • Roger Strickland: Handicap parking 

Executive Session